I’m Abby.

I am an artist.

Medium irrelevant.

The absolute most important way to build trust and enjoy the process of working with a photographer is to know them.

I believe that the connection that I make with my clients is absolute foundational to creating magic when working together. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to say that the vast majority of the people I work with walk away as friends. I make sure this happens by making very clear who I am, how I act, and how I work from day one. Though professionalism is of utmost importance to me, consultations with me resemble a speed dating round. I want you to get some insight into my personality. Those that I click with right away make the best clients for me and I the best photographer for them.

Me in Las Vegas with camera
Abby and Ollie in Oregon
Abby in Oregon Coast
Abby & Chris Iceland
Abby in Maine

A lunch consultation is the best way for us to see if we're on the same page, but this rapid fire list of things about me should give you a bit of insight.

  • Creative mediums I actively practice include but are not limited to photography, graphic design, polymer clay, watercoloring, embroidery (freehand and cross), quilting, knitting, and block printing.
  • I'm excellent at staying up really late.
  • I get very bored doing the same thing everyday or staying in the same place too long.
  • My top Spotify artists are Zero 7, Jack White, Dolly Parton, Alt J, Paul Simon, Vulfpeck, and Ben Folds.
  • I love traveling and rarely want to go to the same place twice.
  • My side hustle is called Edison Hills and I make and sell polymer clay jewelry.
  • I thrift almost all of my clothing and most of my home décor items too.
  • I absolutely love camping, hiking, and learning to fly fish. But I am irrationally afraid of bears and lay awake all night in my tent every damn time.
  • I listen to double digit hours of podcasts every week. My favorites are My Favorite Murder, Ologies, Science VS, and Today Explained
  • Beer used to taste like soap to me, but now I've learned to love Sours and Porters and I have a soft spot for Mexican Lagers.
  • Connecting with others is deeply valuable to me which makes me an extremely talkative individual.
  • I live in a 100 year old East Nashville bungalow with my partner, Chris, and our dog Ollie.
  • I believe in ghosts.
  • I believe there are probably ghosts in our 100 year old East Nashville Bungalow.

Check out some work I've done while traveling, personal projects, and other art pieces.

Let me know what we have in common