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Good Ol' Fashioned Socially Distanced Cross Country Road Trip

United States of America

My partner, Chris, and I are both incredibly fortunate to get to work from home the majority of the time. With most of my photo work stalled out due to the pandemic, the work I would normally be leaving the house for wasn't really happening at all. So after six months of being cooped up in the house, we decided to see if we could do any traveling while maintaining our Covid related standards, and turns out, a road-trip to national parks is a pretty amazing way to travel if you abide by certain rules. No indoor restaurants, no shopping, no museums, full time mask wearing except on isolated hiking trails. Getting outdoors and away from people and car touring is a really good way to travel safely and stay sane.

So we packed up the Subaru and the dog and we hit the road for a few weeks of the great outdoors. Our route took us from Bayfield, Colorado > Arches National Park > Yellowstone National Park > Manzanita, Oregon > Missoula, Montana > Rapid City, South Dakota and home again.