You're a maker/artist/chef/mixologist/stylist/business-owner-of-some-sort?

Throw some glitter on it. And by that, I mean dress it up, make it shine, show it off, and let me take extraordinary photos that make other people say “That person looks like they know what they’re doing” or at the very least, that you’re worth checking out.

Icelandic Lunch
Cedarwood Styled Show Drink
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Foxtrot Branding Phone

Time to show off.

Whether you are serving dinner, selling your product, performing your craft, or showing off your services, quality photos are of utmost importance. Don’t let your business or craft fall behind because your photos are no good. Investing in quality photography is directly investing into your business and yourself, and I understand how vital great photography is to your success.

Brand development shoots are price quoted per project between $699-$2000.

Foxtrot Branding

"Working with Abby on our brand shoot was a dream. Abby listened as we shared our vision for the session, and then she worked absolute magic with our shoot! She took creative liberty to direct us throughout the session to make sure we looked good, posed well, and got everything we needed in the style we were hoping for. The brand photos she captured have truly elevated our brand and make us look and feel the way we want to be portrayed." - Cassidy & Amanda, Co-Founders of Foxtrot Branding

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