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Springtime Home Life Portraits of the Spaulding Family by Associate Anna Pierce

Cookeville, Tennessee

"Unposed" is a major buzzword in the photographer community. I think it came to the forefront when a lot of studio portraiture started to look dated and stale to many people. The standard family portrait sessions accessible to most people today are frequently called "unposed" or "lifestyle" sessions to distinguish them from the shopping mall studio style family portrait. However, "unposed" is a bit of a misnomer, these sessions still include posing, though it's more-so guided and casual.

Associate photographer Anna Pierce came to me with the desire to offer TRULY unposed and long form family sessions in our clients homes. Enjoy this set of images of the Spaulding family in their home. Anna spent the entire morning with them with the intention of photographing them as naturally and authentically as possible. These photos are priceless and freeze a moment in time that is uncommon to see.

Not only am I excited for Anna to be pursuing her own creative drive, I also believe this style of family portraiture is fully in line with the values I've come to uphold in the photo services that we offer and the experience we give our clients.