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Robin and Eric's Tennessee Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Sparta, Tennessee

In 2009 I was starting high school and Robin was starting her second year of her art education career. I was assigned to her Art 1 class and was assigned a seat at a six person table with all of the other kids with last names that started with a letter somewhere between T and Z. Since Art 1 was basically mandatory to earn a diploma, I was sitting with a group of loud kids who were apparently there to party and really did not care about drawing a mandala...but I did. Robin picked up on my interest in art right away and we jettisoned quickly into an strong teacher/student bond that grew into friendship over the years. I remember watching her knit tiny socks when she was expecting her oldest daughter, I trusted her with things I didn't normally tell "grown ups," and I often ate lunch with her and the other art teachers throughout high school. She has supported me as I began my fine arts degree at Tennessee Tech, hung my artwork up her in home, and I have gotten to photograph several different milestones in her life.

You can imagine how absolutely floored I was when she asked me to photograph her private wedding ceremony to Eric with their kids. To tell the truth, I was actually on a bachelorette trip for a friend when she texted me about the news, and even though I had a couple of sugary pink drinks that were somehow hiding gin in them, I scurried away from the party to excitedly text her about her upcoming wedding.

I had met Eric a few times before their wedding day and his quiet and calm demeaner and friendly disposition immediately paired him with everything I have ever associated with Robin. Their wedding day took place at a hidden waterfall that flows into a cave below and the scene was set for intimate and perfectly lovely nuptials. Married by their friend, Bruce Anderson, and in the company of their kids, Robin and Eric wed with the mist from the falls and smiles on their faces.