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Profile on Nashville Multimedia Artist Dylan Lynch

Nashville, Tennessee

A mutual friend introduced Dylan and myself by saying "you're an artist...they're an artist too!" and walked away. Our meeting was brief but I followed Dylan on Instagram and was intrigued by his high-impact multimedia pieces on very large canvases. We decided to work together on this series and I visited his studio to photograph him beginning a new piece. Though his work conveys intensity, brash colors, and fervid textures, I was still surprised to watch the gusto at which he began mark making. Dylan moved quickly, adding abrupt but deliberate additions onto the canvas. I watched as he used a spray bottle filled with water, dry charcoal dust, a broom base, his hands, a construction chalk line, and palette knives to build the foundation of his newest work. Dylan shared with me that because his methods are so tactile, it's the best tool he has to blow off steam and that he quickly falls into a meditative flow state when working. Here's what he has to say about his work:

"I am a visual artist raised in Richmond, VA and now living and working in Nashville, TN. Visual language is at the core of my work; in this, I hope the “viewer” also becomes the “reader”. Each mark is a part of a larger vocabulary, drawn from a physical response to frustration, inspiration, and rhythm. My process relies heavily on the cyclical relationship between fabrication and collapse. Though there is no specific visual goal to reach through this process, the work challenges the idea of growth and time. It is important to me that the viewer be able to choose their own point in time from which to enter the work and follows it’s growth and creation."

Dylan Lynch has work on display at the Rockwall Gallery inside Houston Station in Nashville, Tennessee.