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Portraits of Nashville Musician Malia Sweeney

Nashville, Tennessee

I've said it many times, but trust is the most important asset to have when photographing somebody. Without trust being the foundation of your relationship with your photographer, perfect lighting and setting will fall flat and feel devoid of emotion. Malia shared her songs with me weeks before her session and she and I worked together to design the four concepts we photographed. Malia let me do what I love and entrusted me to create imagery that reflected her own art.

This session was pure magic and we created a wonderland for us to explore and create together. We tried ideas, tossed those ideas, reset, tried again. We had some moments where the first photo was the best photo. We also had to plug in one of my lights to an exterior outlet of an auto supply store because the car power converter wasn't strong enough. This session was live giving, forgiving, hilarious, and one that really solidifies my love of this type of artwork. Moments happened as they needed to and we gave ourselves the time and space to allow things to unfold beautifully. I can't wait for you to hear her EP.