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Kinsi & Josh's Wild Wedding at Jack Hanna's Safari Park

Cumberland, Ohio

After a decade together and moving out of their home state to live in Tennessee, Kinsi and Josh returned home to Cumberland, Ohio to be married at a place that has always been special to them; The Wilds Safari Park. I was surprised to learn about the massive conservation center nestled in between the hills in the Ohio country side, but there it was. Kinsi even knows exactly who her favorite giraffe is after years of growing up with the beautiful animal as her neighbor. Their rehearsal dinner gave the unique experience of getting to feed giraffes and rhinos during a beautiful, dusty sunset.

Surrounded by all of their family and friends, they were fortunate to have perfect weather during their wedding ceremony that overlooked the acres of sprawling hillside feeding antelope and zebra. Kinsi and Josh's reception gave a nod to the conservatory in that it was in fact quiet wild itself.