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In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Portraits of Asher with his Mom & Dad

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Morgan and Josh's faces may be familiar to you if you've seen my work before or have browsed through my blog; I've been fortunate to be chosen to document all of the most memorable parts of their lives, from their engagement, to destination wedding, to tender moments with their son. Asher's "newborn" session was postponed until he was around three months due to Josh being away at training to advance his Airforce career, but don't worry, Asher was still tiny and precious once everyone was home and ready for their close up.

I absolutely adore in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. I love freezing the nursery as it was meticulously decorated with care in the months of anticipation before a baby is born. I love photographing feedings and outfit changes and beautiful, real moments in a family's home. The house you bring a baby home to becomes sacred ground and I believe these early moments deserve to be cataloged for your own memories and future generations. Even details like bottles and the bassinet are already heirlooms, even if the tags are still on them.

So, I made myself at home. I threw open the curtains and I walked around in my sock feet. Before we began photographing, I spent some quality time holding Asher for the first time, I believe it's a good idea to introduce yourself formally to a baby with a strong handshake. We took our time, there shouldn't be a rush. I love this collection of photos and I hope they always warm the heart of Morgan and Josh and their families as well as one day remind Asher of just how wanted and loved he is.